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Augusto Boal Zaid Tabaza 8’5 Augusto Boal: A Brief About His Life Augusto Boal was born in Reo De Jeneiro on March 16th, 1931. He studied chemical engineering and drama at The University of Colombia. After getting his degrees, he was offered the opportunity to work with The Arena Theatre in Sao Paulo. In the 1960s, he developed a new form of theatre that has new acting techniques called “Theatre of the Oppressed”. This type of theatre aimed to show the severity of the various types of oppression people were facing and suggesting solutions for it. He received The Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts award. He was also awarded the “Career Achievement Award” from the Association of Theatre in Higher Education during a conference in Chicago.…show more content…
He made up new techniques to suit this type of performance. The goal from Theatre of the Oppressed is to demonstrate for all people how perilous oppression can be and what repercussions it can have on society. As well, it is to show what different types of oppression people are facing. Moreover, it was used to suggest solutions for oppression. In terms of the characteristics, Boal used forum theatre as well in TO. Forum theatre is where the performers start the scene through an issue we are facing frequently, and then volunteers from the audience step up and proposes solutions to these issues. One of the techniques of TO is Forum Theatre, where Boal encourages people to solve major issues and provides them with the answers. An example on forum theatre would be when somebody is committing crime, and then someone else steps up and encourages him to…show more content…
The world was majorly enduring gender discrimination and oppression. Women were denied many fundamental rights that men were given, such as freedom of speech and choice. They weren’t given the opportunity to have an effective role in the society. As well, there was discrimination against color and religion. People were not equally treated. This triggered the senses of many people, including Boal, and it motivated him to create “Theatre of the Oppressed”. Since Boal used to actually witness these different types of oppression; he focused a lot on proposing solutions to these issues that we are facing. The knowledge and experience that he had gained in college about drama and theatre enabled him to create an effective form of theatre to make the world a better place. Theatre of the Oppressed was his method in the communication and deliverance of his own perspective and point of view on Oppression. For instance, in the actual performance of Theatre of the Oppressed, they start off with a dramatic situation and an issue that the characters are facing. Then, one character comes up and proposes a solution to the issue. In this way, it becomes very clear for people what the solution

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