Analyzing Citizen Kane In 1940's Film

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The movie Citizen Kane maybe one of the most important and influential films made to this date. This move was originally made in the 1940’s and still is looked back on and referenced to in many modern movies. But one of the biggest reasons why this is one of the most important films of history is because it was so controversial. The reason for this was that the movie was believed to be based on a newspaper tycoon by the name of William Randolf Hearst and his life but they put twist into his story and made it seem like he was something he wasn’t. Another reason this is an important film is due to its use of optical illusions throughout the film setting the stage for the future of special effects. Other than those two the movie had broken new ground when it came to the narrative structure which would then eventually evolve over time into styles that we use in today’s movies.…show more content…
Their first conflict started with them when Charles Kane was threated by his opponent to say he was having an affair with Susan while married to his first wife. This led to the divorce of Kane and his first wife. But later on Charles Kane then married Susan putting an end to the talk of affair. Their next conflict had to do more with the public image of Mr. Kane more than anything else. It started with Susan telling Charles she wanted to be a opera singer so he built her an opera house so she could live her dream. The conflict in this dream was that she wasn’t a good enough singer and led to many people thinking she was bad. But when she wants to quit she is not allowed to be Charles due to the fact that he cannot fail and must succeed in everything he

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