Aftershock Of 9/11 Essay

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The Aftershock of 9/11 The article “10 years and a diagnosis later, 9/11 demons haunt thousands”, encompasses the various ways that the 9/11 attacks have affected citizens of our nation (Hartocollis, 2011). The effects of the 9/11 attacks have not been isolated to a certain area. There are many different people that are falling victim to the after effects of the event. It was a very traumatic experience for various people involved. For example, a first responder to the scene of the event could be experiencing the amount of stress as a person who simply witnessed the attacks from a close proximity. The toll that a traumatic event takes on a person varies according to each individual. For some people the extent of their ‘wounds’ could be a few…show more content…
Many of those people are still dealing with those effects today. Typically those suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, the symptoms tend to subside or slowly fade away with the passage of time. However according to a second article, this is not happening as often with those affected by 9/11. The victims are demonstrating as much symptoms as they were immediately following the traumatic event (Harmon, 2011). The after effects have proven to be very debilitating to many. The ability to receive proper treatment is also very difficult for those suffering to find. While some are able to find the appropriate treatment, many go untreated. Even if victims are able to find treatment, many cannot afford to continue receiving their treatment. There are various assistance programs available however qualifying for them proves to be rather difficult. Not only are their first hand consequences each victim must face daily but many are at risk for health problems later in life because of their exposure to the harmful dust and debris during and after the attacks. Many of the victims who fall ill later in life because of the toxins they previously encountered, have family members who are affect mentally by their condition as well. The affects felt by the 9/11 attacks are not only limited to those who experience it first-hand. It could be a battle fought by many close family members of those affected. Therefore, the amount of aid that is needed to treat the numerous amounts of victims is

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