6.03 Calorimetry Lab Report

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1. Fill up the beaker with 50 mL of water and place it on the beaker holder 2. Turn on the air vacuum 3. Sink one of the air tubes into the water 4. Weigh 1 gram of charcoal on the weighing boat 5. Place the charcoal on top of a small piece of Kimwipe and spray oleic acid 6. Wrap the charcoal with the Kimwipe and place it (using a tweezer) inside the coffee can on top of the steel mount 7. The coffee has two tubes connected to it. One tube goes inside the water beaker and the other tube is connected to the air vacuum. 8. Light a match and place it on top of the charcoal 9. Wait until the Kimwipe is burned off and charcoal is lit up 10. Place the lid on top of the can and close with the plastic lid 11. Wait for 10 minutes 12. Test the pH of

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